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MapStory is an open platform for organizing our knowledge about how the world changes over time and space. Click on a link to the right, and learn how you can start contributing observations of your own.

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Join with your neighbors, or collaborators on another continent, to launch initiatives, help others, write code and govern the platform. We’re a community, not a company.

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MapStory is for everyone, not just web developers and GIS experts. We work hard to get you the help you need to improve and succeed.

1. MapStory 101

Learn all the basic skills you need to start collecting data and creating MapStories of your own.

2. MapStory Wiki

Find and share more resources alongside the global MapStory community.

3. Help Center

Ask questions, find answers, and help others.

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Community Initiatives

Our Community Initiative leads are taking on huge data collection tasks, like mapping the history of human settlement and country borders. Click on one below, and start contributing...

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