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It is often said that without our health, we have nothing. This saying captures a
certain preternatural dimension of the human condition. Perhaps this is why we
are fascinated by plagues, pandemics, localized ailments, perverse self-induced
conditions, unexpected debilitations, and the like. As mankind has spread across
the Earth, so has disease and disabilities of all kinds. The Black Plague, syphilis,
Spanish Flu, Malaria, VD, Thalidomide, heart disease, AIDS, SARS, morbid
obesity, Type 2 diabetes, stupidity – to understand the many adverse health
effects that have spread across the globe, you must understand their spatial and
temporal dimensions, as well as the many different factors with which they co-
evolve. MapStory offers this space for all kinds of StoryLayers and MapStories,
both historical and present-day, which capture the health challenges that humans
have faced, and continue to face, as our behaviors and understandings continue
to evolve.


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