July 19, 2013, 6:39 p.m.
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Humanity, after all, is comprised of individuals whose stories are worthy of telling.
We call these stories ‘biographies’. As we all know some individuals’ stories are
better recorded, and some are, perhaps, more interesting. The great explorers
of the world, the great leaders, the great thinkers, the great innovators. These
individuals have stories that have spanned important geographies at important
times, and often enormous geographies that later reshaped the world. Lesser
known individuals have often had similarly important and impactful lives that
have spanned curious geographies that have changed the course of history.
It is impossible to understand how the modern world has evolved unless we
understand the lives of these people. Of course, their lives are difficult to
understand unless we also understand the discoveries, ideas, technologies,
innovations and political changes they have precipitated. MapStory offers this
space for all kinds of StoryLayers and MapStories, both historical and present-
day, which capture the extraordinary landscape of biographies that we all aspire


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