July 19, 2013, 6:39 p.m.
Community Support
We've just set up help.mapstory.org to enable community-based technical assistance. If you've got any problem on MapStory please report it there. And if you're an experienced MapStoryTeller we'd love your help assisting others on the help site.

Resources for Researchers

Yes, we’ve been there. Your individual disciplines have stranded you, with little ability to see how your disciplinary knowledge interfaces and intersects with the knowledge from other academic disciplines and domains of practical knowledge. Place and time serve as the only anvil on which a common understanding can be forged. That is what we at MapStory hope to provide for you. At its best, MapStory can be a common environment for inter-discplinary or trans-disciplinary exploration. This is no simple feat. We understand that. Please bear with us! Yet, place and time, with all of their phenomenological complexities, offer an opportunity for the disciplines to converge and to provide the public with an infinitely better understanding of our rich past, our complex present, and our uncertain future.

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