July 19, 2013, 6:39 p.m.
Community Support
We've just set up help.mapstory.org to enable community-based technical assistance. If you've got any problem on MapStory please report it there. And if you're an experienced MapStoryTeller we'd love your help assisting others on the help site.

Resources for Policy Makers

Yes, we know that often, modern politics holds you at siege, forcing you to fight fires and address the crisis de jour - making it difficult for you to act strategically. But, many of your agencies not only make policy – they also systematically collect data related to your policy domain. MapStory seeks to let you publish this data in a way that makes it actually meaningful to the citizens and politicians that are your ultimate task masters. Regular people want to understand how policies relate to them, where they and their families live, and how things have changed for them over their lifetimes. Place and time are key organizing dimensions of the human condition. And, it is about time that public agencies and policymakers communicate their data this way to the public, and the politicians they elect. Some public policy thought leaders call this “Place Based Policy”. And, we at MapStory are happy to help.

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