July 19, 2013, 6:39 p.m.
Community Support
We've just set up help.mapstory.org to enable community-based technical assistance. If you've got any problem on MapStory please report it there. And if you're an experienced MapStoryTeller we'd love your help assisting others on the help site.

Resources for NGOs

Countless NGOs exist to address a wide variety of challenges across the globe. Some NGOs are dedicated to relieving humanitarian crises. Some seek the betterment of humanity, with regard to education, free enterprise, or some other domain of activity. Others are focused on mitigating human impacts on the natural world. Some are active in conflict zones, seeking to rebuild or simply to build common ground. NGOs require a better understanding of the “facts on the ground”, as to how things got the way they are. And often, NGOs have some of the best data, collected where know one else is willing to go. NGOs sometimes have a narrative they are seeking to project, related to a particular geography at a particular historical moment. And, sometimes, they have no narrative, only data. MapStory hopes to empower these NGOs to breed a better understanding of the complex places in which they are engaged, and the challenges they (and more likely, we!) face.

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