July 19, 2013, 6:39 p.m.
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Resources for National Security

If you are a national security professional, and geospatial situational awareness of complex socio-cultural phenomena is not central to what you do…what is it, again, that do you do? Whether you are supporting major combat operations, counter-insurgencies, counter-terrorism, foreign internal defense, stability operations (stabilization, security, transition and reconstruction operations –SSTRO), irregular warfare, freedom of the seas, strategic triad operations, defense liaison, diplomatic negotiations, international development, humanitarian assistance/disaster response, you name it – we at MapStory think that it would be good if you had a better understanding of the complexities of the societies that you are engaging. We know that some of you disagree. We also know that an overwhelming majority of you - agree. Human security has always been and always will be a real challenge, all across the globe. Security professionals, and the parties to various conflicts and disagreements, struggle with these challenges in remote, dangerous places. And, sometimes at the negotiating table. As a global community, we owe it to ourselves to band together and provide ourselves better geospatial situational awareness about the security challenges that we face. MapStory is here to help.

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