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Resources for Business

Ever since the East India Company was founded, businesses have shaped and reshaped our world in countless ways. As the famous economist Joseph Schumpeter articulated so well, businesses engage in “creative destruction” as they innovate, fundamentally changing the markets in which they compete, and the societies from which they emerge. Businesses often have the best data about where they were founded, the geographies they expanded across over time, their history of mergers and acquisitions, their evolving supply chains and markets, you name it. Think of MapStory as a platform by which you can gift your corporate past to today’s global society, as a cultural resource. How did WalMart spread across America and the globe, while instigating an enormous manufacturing district in China? What railroads were built and merged over the past two centuries to create CSX, BNSF, and Union Pacific Railroads? How is it that it has come to pass that you can get a Mercedes taxi to drive you across the deserts of North Africa? How did the companies that built Silicon Valley (and so many other regional technology clusters) form, expand, compete, ally, merge, and sometimes dissolve? There are so many questions that are key to understanding our world today, and businesses often have treasure troves of such data. MapStory is platform to which you can contribute to our understanding of our world.

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